Cafe' in Style

Cafe's are becoming a cultural commodity, individuals constantly seek neighborly cafe's that offer a bit more than just a cup of coffee. People are not only there to grab their coffee, its more than that. People want to feel a sense of community, go people watching (no its not weird) and sometimes get out to feel inspired by the change of scenery. 

I personally noticed a back home that coffee shops are designed very similarly to each other, very industrial and rustic, almost "un-done" look, very hip and young not considerate of universal design, and mostly not very relatable to their context. I would love to see people explore more in terms of coffee shops designs, and think out of the box when creating these community cafe's. 

This Cafe' in Moscow is a stylish fit out of what you'll need on a morning run or an afternoon meet up. It has the ready pastries off the table, an elite espresso maker and amazing seating, what more would you need? 


"100 square metre restaurant features a marble breccia mosaic floor, designed to look like an icy lake cracking as spring settles in." Source.
The dark navy blue contrasted with copper seats and finishes is reminiscent of the train compartments in Moscow. This is exactly what is missing in most of today's local coffee shops the sense of "context" the inspiration or touches that make a space great is always linking to the contexts of it, where its located, and how it would make people occupying it feel about it. 

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