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New brand identity , New logo

A new brand identity for dalal alaqeel interior design atelier is born, thing is, we grow, learn and with experience we come along a different "US".  I basically felt distant from the old blog, and wanted to share the new improved designer in me. two and a half years of professional experience, and a couple of free lance projects really defined me as an interior designer.  

To help me with the new logo so i reached out to a dear friend of mine who Mashallah manage to impress me with her work, Hala Rachika Alhuseini, of HRH_designs. My work with her to develop the new logo & identity has been great, she understood exactly what i wanted as a designer, my vision & how i wanted my logo to reflect on me & my work.

We started off with a research on different logo styles, specifically calligraphy with a twist / digital logo print / water color technique. Hala offered an informative research about styles & mood boards, i provided her with a mood board as well, i wanted sleek, to point & a sophisticated brand identity. so we've decided to go with Digital Print. a few other steps followed, what was really nice is that we are both designers, of course in different fields, but designers have a communication language that makes it easier to execute a job. She was always precise on giving informative research & mood board, all communication was via email, and we didn't have to meet once! 

After a few of her awesome quick sketches we decided on a logo. played along with it , improved it & Perfected it!       I am very happy with my LOGO & more happy to have worked with such a beautiful graphic designer.

note: images above are just a glimpse of the process for reader's benefit*