Features Of academic Work

The following content in mostly of school of design in Bachelor of Art in Interior Design major through degree and competitive entires through IIDA and other global competitors. Please feel free to contact me for further details on the projects.

1 | boutique wellness

PORTFOLIO - Dalal - 201812.jpg


The proposed design is a boutique hotel environment that will accommodate pregnant a women’s needs before during and after her pregnancy in a luxurious welcoming and a fascinating experience. A place where women can go to, educate them selves, maintain healthy routines, and most importantly indulge themselves in a supportive and calm environment.

Entrance & Lobby Area

Entrance & Lobby Area


Playing with textures in the space to help emphasise focal points & artistically defining transistioning areas. In ways of using different floor finishes, and wall finishes to careful leveling of spacial functions. As well as coved lighting to help identify the motion throughout the space. 

Spa Area

Spa Area

custom designs

Since the following space is made to custom females during a very fragile phase of their lives, this space is dedicated towards providing the comfortable setting, through special custom designs that will allow for a safe functioning space.

2 | office space

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