Living Room | 0.01

Finished outcome. 

Finished outcome. 


Entrance and living room complete redesign. 


Some of the issues facing the client in the space were:

  1. The couple like to entertain but the space was not allowing for that.
  2. The room was painted in a dark color and did not let enough daylight in. 
  3. The space was not utilized enough to carry more than one function. 

The aim was to create a multi functional space, that allows for different activities to take place. 

The space turned out to be very efficient, so bright and with the some personal touches of the client the space has so much character. 

  1. A functional multi purpose room suitable for entertainment and/or individual use. 
  2. T.v, flexible furniture additions and a bookcase allows for more functions to take space.
  3. A lighter color palette allowed for an airy, spacious room. 


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