Studio Space | 0.03


The client needed to create a creative outlet space for her personal usage and for hosting workshops. The project was on a tight budget so we creatively worked with existing pieces and complimented them with some new accents. 

We followed a very eclectic chic look as the client is a collector and her collections were used as wall hangings and accessories. 

Mood Board

Mood Board


  1. The client had two large spaces without defined functions, we went in to collaborate on creating zones and special storage for each zone. 
  2. There were so many tools and references but not enough storage space.  


  1. We creating designated areas depending on the activity.
  2. flexible furniture solutions to accompany different interior settings depending on function / amount of occupants. 
Organizing the Back Wall : options .jpg

Offered the client several options to pick from based on her personal preference. From floor planning to furniture settings and organizational settings as well. 

YAY FACT: 70% of the furniture was already existing, but we expanded the possibilities by rearranging them and adding some budget friendly solutions.



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