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Is the air in your house, Safe?

We are all considering going green, organic, and looking for the best alternatives in our diet, even our cosmetics (cruelty free, Parabin or toxic free ... etc)  to live a healthier life however, are you considering the air quality in your space? Symptoms like such as headaches, asthma, and other major illnesses are a result of bad  Indoor Environment Quality IEQ.


To many, an obvious definition of bad indoor quality simply means that the ventilation is not working very well, it is either too hot or too cold for people to function well, or there is a smell that is disturbing the occupants. It is true that ventilation and air quality occupies the largest part of the indoor quality. However, studies indicate that a lot of elements inside the built environment could be causing contamination to the users, by harming them in ways so that they are not able to exist in the space efficiently. Designers and occupants must be aware of what could be causing the bad conditions as the sources vary depending on but are not limited to, the type of floors and ceilings used, the insulation materials, even movable furniture and furnishing materials such as carpets can cause poor air quality. 

So what causes them? 

  • Chemical and substances used in building materials ( the type of floors, ceilings, adhesives used )
  • Chemicals in cleaning products.
  • Accumulation of dust.
  • Poor ventilation of space 

Some sources of contaminants, it is very difficult to replace or change, for example if you are in a rental household, or a rented office space, you cannot worry about the paint used, or adhesive in the vinyl flooring, you simply cannot change it, you could however be cautious when choosing a new paint or a new home. 

However there are ways to minimize it, and assure relatively good indoor air quality. 

  • ventilation ventilation ventilation, am I stressing enough? Daily and regular ventilation, "open those windows, I know its mostly too hot outside in Saudi, or summers in Oklahoma, don't let that stop you."
  • Use cruelty free cleaning products maybe try some DIYs. here. It is about time we stop using the harsh chemicals, you don't need to clean 99.9% of the germs in your house, everyday. its not a hospital and you can handle a few germs, its actually better for you. Keep your house clean and neat using water, natural soup, vinegar, lemon ... etc. 
  • Adding plants to assure air cleaning ( So much about it! )  here.
  • Deep-cleaning in household/ school/ office space every once in a while, dust is the number one hazard to the respiratory system, and could cause other symptoms like headaches. (remember not to use cruel cleaning products though!) 

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