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Love Hate Relationship with Starbucks

According to Moslo's Hierarchy pyramid of needs, its only natural for us to feel the urge to be safe, and reassured by our choices on a daily basis. 

I always thrive to find local coffee joints and spots, that offer "Fair Trade Coffee options" yes I only learned that a couple of years back. 

but there is this thing with Starbucks being at every corner, I have access to four Starbucks-es on a 10-minute walk radius from  building at campus! Yes Ridiculous i know.

In Boston it was so easy to access different coffee shops with fair trade authentic coffee, Jeddah my hometown is Flooding with amazing local coffee shops like Medd & Cup & couch my two favorites.

Why is it do we always go back to Starbucks? I personally do not think they make the best drinks, it is just convenience. They are there, all the time.. its always a safe option. Specially when you don't want to risk it that morning, or before an important meeting an you really need your caffeine to kick in. 



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