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A sense of Place

In three years, I moved from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, to Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the US, to Norman, Oklahoma. At first it all seems so difficult, but now all I can think of is that I Love this Alhamdellah God has blessed me with such an oppurtunity. Moving around and calling different spaces Home is how I want to tell my story in 10 years from now. 

I am taking a course that studies the relationship between us humans and the environment we live in, at all scales. I recommend if your interested in this subject. A book by Kevin Lynch "The Image of the City". it speaks of how when we live in a space only see the aspects that are  visual for us,rather than looking at the bigger picture, a zoomed out image. "like seeing the sides of mount Everest but not the tip". Only few people have the sense of seeing the city they live in in an eye of a tourist, capture its essence and small details, of course the larger the city the more challenging it becomes to see its true beauty. 

do you believe if you have live in Rome all of your life, you'll see it as you have 48 hours to see it? will you capture all the history and detail and have a place for it in your memory? 

Here's a link to the book; I only read the first chapter and looking forward to go through it

Comments and share of thoughts are more than welcome. 


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