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coffee shops in MASSACHUSETTS

Tatte bakery in Beacon street 

Tatte bakery in Beacon street 

I am a coffee addict, but aren't we all? I believe though, the best served coffee is at local coffee shops. 

Sure, there is starbucks  & Dunkin' Donuts at every block / corner "litterly" but to enjoy a cup of coffee one must hunt for the small shops that serve their own blends. 

I've been to a few very good ones in Cambridge, such as Tatte Bakery, The High rise Bread company, my favorite was CremaCafe and was recommended to try Diesel cafe, still much more to explore. 

Taken by me, thinking cup downtown

Taken by me, thinking cup downtown

In boston area, Thinking Cup is my favourite, they have awesome macaroons & grilled cheese sandwiches. 

Thing is, i always want to work on my laptop, or blog & I have noticed that these small bakeries don't have wifi! but why Massachusets why? its pretty strange these days to have wifi-less cafes, is it a point of enjoying coffee and a treat? or do they simply want people not occupying a space for so long? 

So whenever i am not in the library working, where its so quiet and nice, I  head to Starbucks for black coffee, and endless wifi. A compromise may I say?  

which is your favorite local coffee spot? Please share in the comments below! 

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