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Not that type of person where, less is more is always my answer! dressing up and combining different textures has always been my thing. in the past, PINK RUFFLES AND FLORALS where my go-to dressing style. 

yeah, i don't relate to that anymore. can't say i found my personal style yet, i'm still getting there. but i know what i want now.

^ neutrals,

^ clean cuts, loving these Chloe crepe pants 

^ perfect fits or loose fit, never tight I'm so over that. 

^ dressed up, never slouchy, unless i want to cuddle with a books & coffee - i'm excused! 

yes thats basically some of my rules for a new style approach. 

how is your style developing as you move forward in life? how does your career, goals, surroundings, affect your style? 

Colorful Fall

weekend one | '15