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minimalism... at home

I've recently came along this amazing web site on minimalism. I'm not a huge fan of big places, homes, rooms. feeling content within a space is what makes it cozy, but the issue is,in smaller spaces you are challenged  still struggling with the amount of items i hold on to. this article is so inspiring I think I might go for the challenge on a smaller note. heres a glimpse to understand what challenge I am talking about   

"What makes a rich person rich? When I was a teenager I thought I had to earn $50,000 a year to be rich. Then when I started climbing the corporate ladder in my early twenties, I quickly began earning fifty grand. But something was wrong. I didn’t feel rich.

So I went back the to drawing board and discovered my error: I forgot to adjust for inflation. Maybe $75,000 a year was rich. Maybe $90,000. Maybe six figures. Or maybe owning a bunch of stuff—maybe that was rich.

Whatever rich was, I knew that once I got there, I’d finally be happy. So as I made more money, I spent more money, all in the pursuit of the American Dream. All in the pursuit of happiness. But the closer I got, the farther away happiness was."

full article here


weekend one | '15

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