A Downfall for Cookie-Cutter Interiors

We have seen it, we argue its unpleasant, cookie-cutter interiors are a synonym for "Matchy-Matchy" interiors, and who likes that? 

Interior design should be about creating User-Centered experiences that are personal and curated to ones need. Allowing adaptability, aging in place, and unique identity to spaces. 

First, lets define cookie cutters:  Cookie cutter interiors are spaces that lack individuality. Furnishings that are of the same family, one type of furniture line is used, of one shade.

They lack life, character, personality and are very easily worn out of comfort & style. 

Below is a bad representation of a bedroom. and this is what cookie-cutter interiors look like.


However, accurately curated interior design spaces, are unique aesthetically as well as functionally they work better. . Below are images that represent great interior designing and styling of the spaces. Carefully chosen pieces, mixing old and new, mixing style and adding not some, but many personal touches to the space is what makes them unique. 

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the architectʼs goals, from the moment of conception to the delivery of a project, is to make it enduring, versatile, adaptable, flexible, usable, and transferable
— Alexander L. Koslow; University of Massachusetts

People are constantly evolving human beings, their mood changes, their functional needs change, they break a leg (literally), they get married, or have more kids, aging. All these are factors that can change every couple of years. Architecture and interior design should be flexible enough to allow people the natural freedom of change & adaptability in their own spaces. 

Well designed spaces are adaptable and can be changed every few years to suit the new condition of the user. This is a major indicator of how cookie-cutter interiors are difficult to apply. Not forgetting the fact that it becomes very monotonous for the eye after a while. 

Read about it; and let me know your thoughts and comments below. 

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