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I ordered a new coffee table from west elm, really looking forward to styling it with some amazing books; my key here was to focus on three categories of things I am passionate about. 

  1. Home Styling (of course)
  2. Traveling (Always looking for new adventures and hoping to be able to fulfill them) 
  3. Greenery (because life)

P.s: I love cookbooks and probably started to collect them, but that is another post for another day as these would go on my kitchen shelves. 

I'm leaving out commercial design books because personally, I won't look into them daily for inspiration I would just need a pile to dig in when I need to refresh and get inspired for a certain project. 

I plan to buy a couple each month to enjoy it and be gentle to my budget, please share any reccomendations below, would love to know what you have on your desks or coffee tables! 

I do plan to be "Bolder" with my choices, I feel I am mature enough as an interior enthusiast and would love to unleash my inner madness, if theres any that is! haha

Loose Leaf: Plants - Flowers - Projects - Inspiration
By Wona Bae, Charlie Lawler



Studio Space Design  | Project series

Studio Space Design | Project series

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