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Wall Paper; intimidating? not any more

Wall Paper; intimidating? not any more


Wall paper is a versatile application to add to a space. Wall paper adds a touch to your space, weather you want it to be more vibrant and expressive of your style, or just a subtle wallpaper shade to add warmth and depth to your space. 

If you have an interest of adding wall paper to your space? bedroom, office, or living space? Also consider corridors and bathrooms. 

However there are a lot of things to consider when thinking of adding wall paper to any space. 


With a thousand of patterns to choose from, textures, styles and pattern ... a person faces a lot of decisions to make. 

The best way to narrow the options when selecting wallpaper is thinking in PROPORTION

Large spaces require subtle wall paper, could be very small patterns, delicate lines, or just textured surfaces. 

  1. Bedrooms
  2. Living rooms
  3. Dining rooms

Hotel bedrooms are a good example of how subtle patterns are better for bedrooms. Its very rare to get bored with a simple wallpaper in the back of the bed. 

The Images are an example of a large space design, murals of stones, marble, or scenery.  The not-repetitive pattern creates calmness in the space and doesn't over crowd it, while still adding life to it. Source the website has all sort of mural wallpapers, visit for inspiration.

Small spaces don't require, but are more fun and vibrant with bolder patterns that give the small spaces, or corners more character.  


Examples of small spaces: 

  1. Hallways
  2. Entryways
  3. Children's rooms
  4. Small nooks; where theres a shift in the wall structure, like dining or office nooks at home. 
  5. Bathrooms 

Feeling tropical? Source

For great advice on wallpaper application form My Domaine

For great wall paper inspiration and sources: 

  1. Rebecca Atwood  for graphical prints and handmade patterns
  2. Elitis for a more classic patterns
  3. Designers Guild for a bit of everything 
  4. Mural's Wallpaper for scenery and over scaled still images
  5. Anthropologie for a veriety of unique designs

Please don't hesitate to contact me on info@dalal-alaqeel.com if you would like a local distributor of these brands in Saudi Arabia. 



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