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Office Nook

I've been meaning to create an office space at my home in Jeddah for whenever I am here since I am always freelancing and writing here on my blog; I might as well have a decent space for it. 

Step 1 was to find the space for it in my open living space;

now that I did I am at Step 2 finding inspirational photos. 

I am studying the space as well as to find exactly what I need to make it just perfect!  

Found this; deffinetly helpful. 

Found this; deffinetly helpful. 

These are some of my inspirational images that I collected; All can be found on my Pinterest account.


1. Lots of sunlight coming in 

2. simple desk; nice accessories 

3. a rug under the desk chair 

4. plants on floor & desk

5. side wall gallery 


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