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Feeling Rose-ey?

Its the time of year! Spring (flower emoji inserted) 

 A beautiful season, luckily in Boston you witness all four seasons which is what I love the most, the weather is beautiful as well as the cherry blossoms are blooming and we might as well savor the moment as they are gone before we know it. 

I will share some images of the Cherry Blossoms and other spring blooms on my Instagram account make sure to like them, share, and repost. 

In the spirit of this  beautiful season, I will share some inspirational photos to help set you on the mood where ever you are. 


Emerald green acts as a strong contrast for the feminine blush pink, exactly how it is in nature; as seen in above images. 

And this is a general rule for accenting and bringing out any tone in your space is by adding metallic to the mix, could be table top decoration, lighting, the legs of furniture pieces or accent tables. 

Office Nook

Upscale coworking space "The Neuehouse"