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The New Era of Office Design


You never really notice how much a space is affects your mood, until you have to work from 8am to 5pm five times a week! In our post industrial society, the work space is evolving just as much as the way we work is. Offices should be very adaptable with the speed of life we live in. 

Beautifully designed office spaces should be about the comfort of the people occupying them [the employees], a well curated space would help in the productivity and would outcome into good profit as well as benefits for the company. 

Lets celebrate the beauty of some of these spaces in this post, and will guide you through tips from my previous experience as well in Midwam Company.

Key things to keep in mind when molding the space. 




Room for change

corporations are mostly trying to renovate, go bigger and hire extra employees, and in the verge to develop their identities thus the space should be flexible enough to allow so, but not too flexible that it lacks identity. 

This next point might be very obvious; consider daylight. always in the design you should consider to maximize the flow of natural light through the space, its what makes a place alive. Another great addition is adding plants, large trees indoors are so in as well as living walls. 


If you're interested in more, I am doing a space study on a creative collaborative office space, I would like to go overboard and pick my favorite style of design you'll find it here.  

Above images are the courtesy of Atlas Holdings, an airline company. The design is very content yet diverse, simple tones are used and some elements to add playfulness where needed. 

Always try to keep the accent colors, from the logo or concept of the office space in the moving furniture, or wall features while maintaining a calm and neutral color scheme throughout the space. this gives the space a dynamic, energetic, and a vibrant feel. 

CONTROVERSY : open office space means more or less productivity? what do you think? let me know in the comments below. 


Upscale coworking space "The Neuehouse"

Pantry Dreaming