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style loving | industrial chic

Based on my February's mood board,

I'm totally crushing over this style. Industrial chic! lets embrace this style for the month of february,, 

Basically it contains industrial elements, with large glass windows and black sills, some classic elements like a classical mirror, and softening it with something famine so it doesn't give the "bachelor pad" idea.



Long loose curtains would give a feminine touch to this place, not to mention the fully upholstered dining arm chairs. The doors of this space are just fabulous! so airy and full of natural light. 

For you to easily create such a vibe at your space, all you need is: 


what ever gives you the chance to show in your space, ducts, lighting rods, bare columns will give your place a unique industrial look. balance is key here. rough vs. sleek 


lighting fixture that look like something that would be placed in a factory , a completely raw wood finish, for a table top. keep materials on their natural form. 


if you don't have the power to change exterior windows, why not create an interior industrial touch? 


in terms of color! stick to neutrals, white blacks grey, beige & thats all. stay away of creating a pop of color element or zone. 


add small elements that reflect a different style. could be a feminine touch could be french style, something classical would blend in pretty well in such space. 

* click on images for a full view.

how would you intemperate such a style in your home? tell me your amazing ideas in the comments below, & watch out for next week's post on a beautifully designed industrial chic apartment. 

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