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White marble | its about time

if we would talk about one material that has entirely revamped interiors in the past year it would be White Marble*. From wall cladding, to living room tables, and not to mention kitchen countertops! 

I personally loved this comeback of marble, would love to make a couple of posts on it, but let me start with kitchens, as i have an endless love to kitchen designs, utilities and culinary. 

The kitchen above designed by Elizabeth Roberts from Ensemble Architecture is a well accurate example, of how lovely the white marble can be. As shown above white marble was used in both the counter top, and as a wall cladding. 


  1. With marble being such an earthy material, it is well paired with textured wood or another rough material. 
  2. Stay with neutrals, for the sleek look. but don't limit your choices, adding green or blue would also bring out the beauty of the material. 
  3. Make sure you choose the grain effect you like, always order a well sized sample. 
  4. Don't stop at white marble though! unleash your creativity. (visit my blog often, I will share tons of ways for marble incorporated in your house hold.) 

Another example by designer Katie Martinez, where copper pendants, and black accents contrast the white marble.

choose your grain, don't let it fool you.

Based on your personal preference as well as the style you are aiming to create, weather it is for a client of for your self. 

Next post will be on the Pros & Cons of this amazing raw material. 

For more inspiration make sure to visit my Pinterest board [ Kitchen D*esign ]. 

images above: Ecora , Studio Mcgee


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