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February mood board | 1

Where do you seek inspiration ? inspirations have grown so Cliche nowadays considering all "available" sources such as instagram, pinterest, and the wide range of websites available. theres always a Trend going on, a kind of vibe people fall in love with, soon to be so last season, ever consider how amazing artist and designer seek inspiration? style and authenticity? can't say i am not drown into these "we can call them surface type on inspirations" but we should dig deeper, figure out our own styles. 

as a designer i can't say i have a consistent style or something i love such as eclectic or country chic. i always like to explore more, sure i have consistent theories i believe in such as balance, 

so i've decided to create mood boards each month. to help me get focused and embrace different styles each month to explore whats out there! 

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Above is my February mood board, theres a black and white challenge going on, and I'm taking it illiterately. on a personal note, I'll want to be low key, keep things simple and as minimal thinking as possible, more meditating, release stress, focus on the more positive aspects of this month, last but not least, embrace Feb as the month i start my countdown, so i'll start packing slowly my last two years, "hint hint" to move along a new chapter in my life. 

On a style level, this month's challenge would be to embrace clean lines, less color & more simple outcomes.

have a wonderful month my followers.

keep it simple, Dalal 


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