Studio Space Design | Project series

The client came to me looking for an outsider's look into her space, she had it all. A beautiful location, neat and spacious space, and all her art work that gives the space its identity. However, it was all too much for her to handle, we collaborated together to give the space more "zoning" and create zones within the space for her to have multi-functional space. 

Option 1 

Option 1 

Option 2 

Option 2 

The client already had so much pieces for us to play with, so it was a matter of arranging, getting a few accents, considering a seating space, a work space, a gallery wall and of course her large library collection of books & work she had done throughout the years. 

I will share photos of the space once done. It was a pleasure working with Nayla Attar, a happy client is always what makes the designer thrive for more. 

Office Nook

I've been meaning to create an office space at my home in Jeddah for whenever I am here since I am always freelancing and writing here on my blog; I might as well have a decent space for it. 

Step 1 was to find the space for it in my open living space;

now that I did I am at Step 2 finding inspirational photos. 

I am studying the space as well as to find exactly what I need to make it just perfect!  

Found this; deffinetly helpful. 

Found this; deffinetly helpful. 

These are some of my inspirational images that I collected; All can be found on my Pinterest account.


1. Lots of sunlight coming in 

2. simple desk; nice accessories 

3. a rug under the desk chair 

4. plants on floor & desk

5. side wall gallery 

Tracie Cheng's | Art

I have created this platform to share my love and interests of design, food & all things related that inspire me. 

Today I am sharing with you the beautiful work of an artist, I don't think I've ever came across. I love oil painting and used to attend different workshops growing up. And this lady makes me want to go to Blick's Art Supplies and get back at it. 

Tracie is an Architect who had developed a sense for all art and design forms, by her art she is hoping to reach out to individuals, "give a voice to a story, real or dreamt up, hoping that the intention will transcend the piece itself". 

More of her work here



Just a few weeks from Graduating Dar AlHekmah university, I landed a job at Zuhair Fayez & Partnership.

( الحمد لله )

Being in such a large company, had help me grow in unexpected ways. From designing floor plans, to starting up a new project, to ending it and sending it to contractors! It wasn't easy at times, because reality is oh so different from college projects 

It had been a lovely experience of almost 3 years. I truly miss my days being a ZFP girl, but that time had to come to an end. 

You cant call it an experience if you are doing the same thing for too long, it starts to become a habit more than a growing point in your life, and that instance you realize you have to move on. 

Please check out my last project at ZFP. 

Some Images of my last completed project: 


I will leave you with a link to the design feed i wrote in the company's magazine & blog. 


The exhibition space I designed during my ZFP stay for the Midway Office : 

& this video: 


For work projects & so feel free to contact me for my portfolio. 

" Boston what?

When i first applied to King abdullah's Scholarship (Allah Yer7amoh) for studying abroad, I never imagined i would end up in Boston, or should i say, "Start my journey in Boston."

Everyone told me then, oh once you live in Boston for a couple of months you will fall in love with it. And to be honest, the love for this place is growing gradually in my heart! 

I've settled bit now, and couldn't wait one more second to Blog about it all! 


style loving | industrial chic

Based on my February's mood board,

I'm totally crushing over this style. Industrial chic! lets embrace this style for the month of february,, 

Basically it contains industrial elements, with large glass windows and black sills, some classic elements like a classical mirror, and softening it with something famine so it doesn't give the "bachelor pad" idea.



Long loose curtains would give a feminine touch to this place, not to mention the fully upholstered dining arm chairs. The doors of this space are just fabulous! so airy and full of natural light. 

For you to easily create such a vibe at your space, all you need is: 


what ever gives you the chance to show in your space, ducts, lighting rods, bare columns will give your place a unique industrial look. balance is key here. rough vs. sleek 


lighting fixture that look like something that would be placed in a factory , a completely raw wood finish, for a table top. keep materials on their natural form. 


if you don't have the power to change exterior windows, why not create an interior industrial touch? 


in terms of color! stick to neutrals, white blacks grey, beige & thats all. stay away of creating a pop of color element or zone. 


add small elements that reflect a different style. could be a feminine touch could be french style, something classical would blend in pretty well in such space. 

* click on images for a full view.

how would you intemperate such a style in your home? tell me your amazing ideas in the comments below, & watch out for next week's post on a beautifully designed industrial chic apartment. 

images via Pinterest , source1 , source2

February mood board | 1

Where do you seek inspiration ? inspirations have grown so Cliche nowadays considering all "available" sources such as instagram, pinterest, and the wide range of websites available. theres always a Trend going on, a kind of vibe people fall in love with, soon to be so last season, ever consider how amazing artist and designer seek inspiration? style and authenticity? can't say i am not drown into these "we can call them surface type on inspirations" but we should dig deeper, figure out our own styles. 

as a designer i can't say i have a consistent style or something i love such as eclectic or country chic. i always like to explore more, sure i have consistent theories i believe in such as balance, 

so i've decided to create mood boards each month. to help me get focused and embrace different styles each month to explore whats out there! 

sources:from top left  image1,image2,image3,image4

Above is my February mood board, theres a black and white challenge going on, and I'm taking it illiterately. on a personal note, I'll want to be low key, keep things simple and as minimal thinking as possible, more meditating, release stress, focus on the more positive aspects of this month, last but not least, embrace Feb as the month i start my countdown, so i'll start packing slowly my last two years, "hint hint" to move along a new chapter in my life. 

On a style level, this month's challenge would be to embrace clean lines, less color & more simple outcomes.

have a wonderful month my followers.

keep it simple, Dalal 


A note.

hello, thank you for taking the time & stopping by at my blog! 

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Mr. Muaaz Mahbob who was very helpful in creating a domaine for me & is a genius in these technical stuff! 

Hope you like my blog! & don't forget to visit regularly for incredible inspirations & major surprises. 


Spread the word, Dalal

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Dark walls? paint job gone wrong? first layer was OK, second was dark & finish coat just gloomed the space up? don't worry! this might be your FAVORITE MISTAKE YET! 

this space gives you a solid idea on how to work your dark walls. 

see how interior designer becca, softened up this reading space by light colored furniture, and HUGE light art work. 

see how interior designer becca, softened up this reading space by light colored furniture, and HUGE light art work. 

of course the natural light adds brightness to the space as well, so if you don't have that you can use a generous amount  of artificial lighting,     

of course the natural light adds brightness to the space as well, so if you don't have that you can use a generous amount  of artificial lighting,